What's new at Newsela?

What’s new for our users?

Social-Emotional Learning Collection

At the beginning of August, we launched our Social-Emotional Learning Collection which includes more than 400 articles spanning elementary, middle, and high school maturity levels. This Collection will support the Social-Emotional Learning instruction that thousands of districts across the country have made a priority for the upcoming school year as they wrestle with bullying, school shootings, student self-esteem, racism and a host of other issues plaguing our nation’s schools and our youth. We're supporting these educators by ensuring that their students can have greater understanding and skills development in key areas like self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship-building and responsible decision-making.

Dream Jobs

We've also been expanding out collection of Dream Jobs profiles, which many of you worked on!

Student Opinion Pieces

Just last week, we ran our very first Student Opinion Piece, titled "Student Opinion: Video games are rotting kids’ brains". We are hoping to publish more of these articles to give students a voice on Newsela!

New FunctionalitiesWe've added some new functionalities for our teachers. They can now control reading levels for their students, assign entire text sets, and review assignments in real-time!

New Teacher Learning Hub & All Access PD Pass

Our Community Team has been busy building our brand new Teacher Learning Hub, filled with resources, webinars, videos, and courses for our teachers. Check it out here! There is also a new "All Access PD Pass" available to our users. Until 9/21/18, you can preview the pass!

What’s new for our contributors?

Contributor Site

We are so excited that our new Contributor Site is finally complete. Your resources should be easier to find and to use. Let us know what you think!

Contributor Bulletin

We are also looking forward to expanding out Contributor Bulletin! You can expect all updates and announcement to live here. We will also be highlighting contributors and we hope to have some guest writers, too!

Freelance Conference

In mid-September, a few members of Newsela Content Operations team will be attending a freelancer conference in Austin, Texas! It's called FREECON and is completely free to attend. We are going to learn more about the way freelancers operate, the best tools to use, and to figure out what we could be doing better. You can read more about it here. If you are interested in attending, let us know! We'd love to host a meet-up!

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