March Update

Welcome To March!

Spring is approaching here in California and so are some exciting changes. We are working hard to ensure that we are preparing and updating the tools you use to make your work easier. We are excited to share it with you and will be in touch soon!

This month Newsela will be featuring articles about women so you can expect to see or even work on some articles about women's history. You can see these articles on the homepage under the “Explore: Celebrating Women’s History Month” section.

For those of you who have submitted fact-checking errors we want to say thank you! We will email you will more information about your suggested corrections this week.

We know Spring Break is coming up for some of you so if you have any days that you are taking off please be sure to notify us about dates that you may not be available to claim assignments, if you haven’t already.

That’s all the updates and information we have for you this month!

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