February Update

Hello February!

So excited to bring in the second month of the year with some updates from the Newsela team. As you may have noticed our homepage looks a little bit different than usual. We have changed our color schemes on the website in order to improve accessibility, I hope you like the new design! We are also publishing a story a day relating to Black History Month all throughout the month of February.

Since it is official tax season, we would like to offer a friendly reminder to double-check if your address is still correct on bill.com. We use this information for mailing and tax forms. On that note, those of you who are receiving a tax form should receive it the mail, however, we do have electronic copies of the tax forms so if you would like to have your form emailed instead please fill out the request for here.

Important Dates for February:

February 5th - Invoice for all remaining January tasks due 💰

February 11th - Check for contributor post by Maricela Trevino 🖋

February 14th - Valentines Day 💖

February 18th - Presidents’ Day (Newsela offices will be closed) 🔐

February 25th - Contributor tool published on bulletin ⚙

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