Contributor Tool: Newsela PRO Educator Community

Newsela PRO Educator Community

Many of you have expressed interest in learning about how teachers use Newsela in their classrooms. This month we would like to introduce you to the Newsela PRO Educator Community page on our website. Some of you may already be using this page as teachers yourselves. The page has been created as a collaborative space to discuss ideas, opinions and moments. This is a great resource for you to gain insight on conversations between teachers who use Newsela PRO.

The forum is divided into different subject areas. You can find most of the general conversations under the category “Teacher Life”. Feel free to explore the page into greater detail and read through thoughts and discussions. We hope this will help provide a useful perspective on the work that you do for Newsela and how it is incorporated into classrooms around the country!

Please note: You must be logged into your Newsela account to view this page.

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